What is Learning Management System

What is LMS – Learning Management System

What is LM System?

The system “Digital age” and “information age” are expressions frequently used to characterize the technological innovations  resulting from the Third Industrial Revolution, which began in the mid-twentieth century. With the immersion of society in technology , access to information became faster and more democratic . In this way, the educational field also reaps the fruits of this development . One of these advances is the Learning Management System  (LMS). In literal translation, the Learning Management was created based on pedagogical guidelines , aiming to optimize e-learning and support the learning process.


The LMS makes it possible for educational institutions to develop and manage on-site or distance courses , using technology and complementary learning tools, through an intelligent electronic platform . This system offers both professors and students the possibility of monitoring the learning stages , evaluating their results and managing all academic routines .


Thus, the LMS platform adds functionality, practicality, saving resources and provides a modern way to teach, learn and manage teaching activities. Discover the advantages provided by an LMS.


The main components of Learning Management System

The LMS is the right arm of the organization of the educational institution . Through it, it is possible to completely manage all academic routines related to the learning process, whether in person or at a distance.

What is LMS – Learning Management System

The system allows the registration of courses, class calendars, assessments, availability of content, complementary activities and online tutoring. It also allows the generation of a huge range of reports inherent to academic management, such as: attendance, grades, history, access, faculty and student performance, assessments, legal documents and much more.


LMS platforms  were developed to optimize and facilitate the daily routines of educational institutions , producing more efficient processes in their different areas.


LMS adds efficiency to learning system

Among the various benefits provided by an LMS platform, there is the ability to broadcast multimedia materials with greater flexibility for the learning and application of content, making teaching more attractive and interactive, in addition to being an efficient communication channel between the school. and your students, which increases public interest and loyalty in your IE .


The Matheus Solutions School Management Systems – Nineteen years ago offers to educational institutions, solutions and tools for the improvement and management of its processes, making them more innovative and competitive.


Definitely understand what an system is


n a period where technological advances do not stop, more and more companies are choosing to train their employees on online platforms instead of face-to-face classes, mainly due to the cost and practicality. Currently, the LMS is the most used style, as it combines many functionalities and is accessible anywhere. But what is an LMS system exactly?


When deploying any training and development program From a distance, it is very important to know how an LMS system works and to have in hand an effective platform that meets the company’s needs.


What is an LMS system?

LMS stands for Learning Management System, which means Learning Management. In practice, LMS is software aimed at creating, organizing and managing online courses and training.

What is LMS – Learning Management System

This type of system completely changed the way of corporate education, as it facilitated the understanding of employees and the monitoring process by managers. Due to the increase in the employees’ performance and knowledge, not only companies have implemented this type of service, but also basic and secondary education institutions, colleges, including independent professors who create their own courses.


As the LMS is based on digital technologies, it is common to offer several learning and learning management features that are not found in face-to-face teaching. Also, the use ofmanagement Online learning can reduce the time and cost required to train employees, which is good for the company and the team.

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